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Mueller, She Wrote is a team of three women unraveling the mysteries of the Trump-Russia investigation. We release a new episode EVERY WEEK, which means YOU can count on us to keep you up-to-date and informed on the latest developments in this historical investigation and this historically stupid administration. THANK YOU! And happy listening! 

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Jan 28, 2019

S3E4 - Joining us this week is Elizabeth C. McLaughlin (Resistance Live!) and law professor Jennifer Taub. Plus, Jaleesa covers the back-to-back wins by team Pelosi, Jordan updates us on the ongoing Lube the Truth tour starring Colludy Rudy, and AG breaks down the incredible Roger Stone indictments....

Jan 21, 2019

S3E3 - Joining us this week is Jill Wine-Banks, Maya Wiley, and Natasha Bertrand. Plus, Jaleesa has an update for us on Nastya Rybka, Jordan will be covering the Colludy Rudy interview on CNN, and AG's going to go over the Buzzfeed drama from later in the week. Enjoy!

Jan 14, 2019

S3E2 - Joining us this week is David Rothkopf (Deep State Radio) and Bill Browder (Head of the global Magnitsky justice campaign). Plus, Jordan gives an update on the NRA, Jaleesa reports on The Trump Org hiring a lawyer, and A.G. breaks down the NY Times report on the FBI investigating Trump after Comey was...

Jan 7, 2019

S3E1 - It's the Season 3 Premiere! Joining us this week to kick off 2019 right is Marcy Wheeler (Empty Wheel Blog) and Barbara McQuade (MSNBC Contributor). Plus, Jordan covers John Kelly’s parting words on Trump in the LA Times, Jaleesa reports on a story about House Republicans looking for a lawyer, and A.G. breaks...